The Classics: ‘Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire’

Classics Shadows of the Empire

The Classics are must-see, must-read, must-play works revered by The Verge staff. They offer glimpses of the future, glimpses of humanity, and a glimpse of our very souls. You should check them out.

Like the rest of the Star Wars franchise, the bevy of novels set in a galaxy far, far away vary quite a bit when it comes to both quality and tone. There’s everything from exciting thrillers that take you through the underbelly of planet-sized megacities to horror stories filled with zombified stormtroopers. But for me the best stories are the ones that help fill in some of the gaps left by the films, particularly the original trilogy. That’s one of the reasons why I consider Shadows of the Empire the best of the bunch. The other reason is…

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