Free Mobile UI Kits and Website Wireframes Templates

User interface kits are much more commonplace today than in previous years. Designers love to use pixel-perfect graphics when creating layout mockups or wireframes. This is especially true when it comes to mobile apps and mobile website layouts.

I have gone through Dribbble shots looking to collect all of the best freebie UI kits and wireframes. These include buttons, switches, forms, and a slew of other handy graphics. All of the freebies are offered in PSD or AI format and you can generally find the download links in the first comment. Be sure to check out a few examples and see if you can apply these GUI kits into your next project.

iOS/Browser Frames

iPhone iPad wireframes kit freebie

iPhone4 PSD

black white iPhone4 PSD model

iPhone UI PSD

iPhone custom blue texture tabbar interface kit

Wireframe/Blueprint Kit

wireframing blueprint kit design freebie download

Printable iPhone5 Templates

print iPhone 5 wireframe template sketches

Clean Wireframe Kit

clean white minimalist user interface kit elements

Free Calendar PSD

mobile calendar user interface kit freebie

Toggle Switch UI

freebie PSD switches download mobile iPhone interface

Slimer PSD UI Kit

green slimer user interface kit freebie

UI Design Mini Nav

mini icons navigation PSD freebie download

Icons Template

freebie iPhone icons homepage screen template wireframe

iPhone Sketches AI

iPhone app prototyping wireframes kit

Soft User Interface Kit

soft ui kit freebie download retina display

Dark Slider UI PSD

freebie PSD download slider knobs dribbble shot

iPhone Golden Ratio Grid System

free psd download iPhone grid system rule of thirds

Minimal Light User Interface

white minimalist ui kit design freebie

iOS Toggle PSD

freebie psd ios iphone icon switches

Free iPhone UI PSD

iphone cash register screen numbers input ios


freebie iPhone psd user interface

iPhone4 Vector Illustration

freebie Illustrator vector artwork design

Light GUI Switches

graphical user interface mobile ios interface

Slider UI PSD

mobile iPhone slider user interface psd

Galaxy S III PSD

freebie Android devices Samsung Galaxy psd template

Android 4.0 UI

Android smartphone 4 user interface graphics

App Icon Freebie

free download psd app icon template outdoors

ICS Power Control

Android mobile user interface psd freebie

Login Freebie

iPhone iOS mobile user interface login screen

Mobile Downloads

user interface kit downloads freebie psd

iOS Retina Slider

iPhone iOS retina display graphics slider bar

Blue UI Kit

freebie psd user interface kit design

Bright Grey UI Kit

freebie downlaod user interface psd

Black UI Kit

black user interface kit design freebie psd

Magico UI Kit PSD

purple user interface kits design

Clean UI Kit

user interface clean elements kits

Lavender UI Kit

purple lavender user interface kit design freebie

Clean UI Kit Freebie

orange bright dark user interface kit elements

Smooth User Interface

mobile design user interface setup freebie psd

iOS SMS GUI Template

iPhone iPad texting iMessage sms template graphics

Mobile App Dashboard

mobile design user interface freebie psd

Path for iPad GUI PSD

iOS App Store Interface Path social network

Final Thoughts

As more designers are releasing freebies on the web it will be difficult to keep up. But don’t let yourself fall behind just because of data overload! This collection of UI kits is the perfect first step towards creating your next mobile app or responsive website layout. Be sure to keep searching around the web for new releases to find the best user interface kits for your needs.

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