Tweetro hits back at Twitter API restrictions with $9.99 Windows Store relaunch

tweetro+ screenshot

After Twitter’s imposition of strict API limitations “completely crippled” Tweetro, the popular Windows 8 client’s developers have pressed reset. A new app called Tweetro+ is now available in the Windows Store for both Windows 8 and RT, but there’s a catch — you’ll have to pay $ 9.99 this time around, or $ 12.99 in a couple of weeks.

As with the $ 19.99 Tweetbot for Mac, Tweetro+’s developers have felt the need to charge a fairly high price because Twitter’s API rules limit third-party apps to a maximum of 100,000 user tokens. Tweetro+ allows you to use two Twitter accounts at first, but additional in-app purchases can raise that limit to five.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that future Twitter clients are likely to carry premium…

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