HP Elitebook Revolve refreshes the traditional convertible tablet, arrives in March

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Judging by the number of touchscreen laptops alone, HP wasn’t the most agressive of manufacturers when it came to building machines for Windows 8. However, after launching a trio of laptops, the company looks like it’s ready to continue filling out its portfolio with the business-focused Elitebook Revolve, the latest in a long line of convertible tablets from the company. Like its predecessors, the Revolve has a centrally-hinged display that can twist 180 degrees and closed to turn the laptop into a pseudo-tablet, but it’s the first offered with a truly touch-friendly operating system. It has also been slimmed down significantly, coming in at 3 pounds at 22mm thick.

The laptop itself is centered around a fairly standard 11.6-inch, 1366…

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