See your Designs in Real-Time with Scratchpad

What if there was an easy way to write HTML & CSS in an editor, and instantly see it render? Then you could try out things more quickly when you’re designing. Your process would be faster, and you could get a lot more work done. Scratchpad, a product from Sandbox Labs, aims to do just that.

Sandbox Labs is a company dedicated to teaching people to code. One of the things they’ve discovered in helping people learn is that it’s not a simple process to start a project, write some HTML & CSS, and see the result. Since those of us who work on the web do it everyday, we’ve become accustomed to it, but there are quite a few steps involved in getting started.

When teaching HTML & CSS, the guys at Sandbox discovered that the process was a drag for beginners. You have to create a new directory, create a file, open the file, edit the file, save the file, refresh the browser, and go back and forth between the editor and the browser as you make changes. For people who aren’t used to this, this isn’t an intuitive or pleasant experience.

At first they treated it as something people were just going to have to get used to if they wanted to write HTML and CSS. But then they wondered – what if it wasn’t?

That’s how Scratchpad, a realtime HTML & CSS editor, came to be. As you type, you can see your code render instantly. You can also share your Scratchpad with anyone you want, and see their edits in realtime. It’s a great way for people who are learning how to code to practice and see the results right away.

As it turns out, it’s also great tool for web designers. It makes it super easy to quickly write a webpage and see how it looks.

Have an idea for a design for a client, and want to quickly see what it might look like? Scratchpad is the tool for the job. Want to experiment with different elements of a design? Scratchpad lets you instantly see how it looks. And if you want to share it with a friend, you can use Scratchpad for that too.

Scratchpad can serve as a tool for both experienced web designers and beginners alike. You can check out Scratchpad here.

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