Leap ships 10,000 developer units, paving the way for a 2013 launch

Leap Motion hands-on

Leap made a splash this summer with a futuristic motion-tracking camera, but they’ve spent the rest of the year on a trickier task: leveraging that camera into a software platform. This morning, they made their biggest step forward yet, announcing another 10,000 units that will ship out to developers over the next few months and an updated SDK that provides developers with a codebase for basic gestures on the Leap.

The extra units increase Leap’s army of camera-equipped developers from 2,000 to 12,000 — an expensive move, but a necessary one if they’re going to have a fully stocked app store in time for their scheduled launch in early 2013. Aside from a few in-house programs, all of the software will be coming from those 12,000…

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