Uber losing its edge in taxi app wars as competitor Hailo reportedly raises big bucks

hailo cab

San Francisco startup Uber has had two advantages in the great battle of the taxi apps: money and notoriety. That may be about to change. Rival startup Hailo has raised $ 30 million from high profile investors, reports All Things D, which would bring its total funding up to $ 50 million, narrowly surpassing Uber’s reported $ 49.5 million.

The new money sets the stage for a high stakes showdown. Riders in Boston and Chicago, where both Uber and Hailo already operate, are likely to see huge discounts and heavy marketing (ice cream, anyone?). But the battle will be fiercest in New York City, where regulators just cleared the way for e-hailing apps to start booking rides in mid-February. Several apps are likely to hit the market at that time,…

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