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It’s time once again to cast your vote for the next Verge Book Club book. January’s book will be 2012’s Alif the Unseen, but for February, we’ve decided to go with a theme. Spoilers are no fun, so there is precious little in the way of description here, but rest assured that whatever wins, we’re in for a great read in the second month of 2013. The poll will be open through the end of January. As a reminder, you can also join the Verge Book Club Goodreads group!

Time’s Arrow, by Martin Amis (1991). A British novel about World War II.

Mother Night, by Kurt Vonnegut (1961). An American novel about World War II.

Catch 22, by Joseph Heller (1961). An American novel about World War II.

The Tin Drum, by Günter Grass (1959). A German novel…

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