Mad Catz takes on mobile gaming with new Bluetooth 4.0 mice and gamepad

Mad Catz Rat Gamesmart cropped

Mad Catz has announced the first accessories in its GameSmart line — a selection of Bluetooth products certified to work across a wide range of mobile devices as well as computers or consoles. The company’s Rat M and Mous 9 gaming mice, Freq M headset, and Ctrl gamepad have all been adapted to work with the low-power Bluetooth Smart standard; the goal is to create a gaming accessory framework that can offer compatibility across any platform or game, taking advantage of a rise in mobile gaming. GameSmart was announced a few days ago, but these are the first devices we’ve seen.

Using Bluetooth 4.0 also allows for incredibly long battery life: the Rat M and Mous 9 mice are said to last a full year on two AAA or one AA battery…

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