QNX’s Car platform 2.0 puts a 1080p display, LTE, and video calling in your car

QNX Car platform 2.0

QNX may be best known for providing the underpinning for RIM’s BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook operating systems, but it also has been building embedded systems for years, including those that run many car manufacturers’ navigation systems. At CES 2013, the company was demoing its new Car platform 2.0 in a Bentley Continental 2.0, and showed off some pretty cool new features and user interfaces that may end up in your next vehicle.

The star of the Car platform is 17-inch, curved 1080p display that uses Texas Instruments‘ DLP technology to support 512 point multitouch. Thanks to the DLP technology, the display can even track a finger before it even touches the screen and offer up various functions depending on what mode the system is in. QNX…

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