The Verge Playlist: CES 2013

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Well, another CES is over and done with. The trailer is being dismantled and most of our team is in flight from Las Vegas or will be soon.

For us, CES isn’t just about covering news, and writing features and reports, and doing liveblogs. Well, it is mostly that, and we love doing it, and we hope that this year we did better than last year, and that next year we’ll do better than that. But CES is also the one time a year that our large and very international team is all together in one place, which makes it even more special.

I asked the writers and people who work at The Verge to contribute a song for the CES 2013 playlist below. True to form, some people didn’t ever get around to answering my email, and the ones who did… well, let’s…

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