30 Stands For Your iPad Mini

Looking for a stand for your iPad Mini? You’d want one that is light, so as to not bog down your device, which weighs only as heavy as a paper notepad; and one that is portable (or foldable) yet sturdy to keep the Mini stable atop a flat surface.

Plus, you’d probably prefer one that will speak about your personality – minimalist, edgy, oozing with cuteness or colorful – jive with the rest of your devices or at the very least practical enough for constant use. We’ve sifted through shopping sites to help narrow down the best iPad Mini stands that you can get. Here are 30 that we’re sure you are going to take a liking to.

iGuy [$ 39.95]


Bamboo iPad Mini Stand [$ 19.95]

Bamboo iPad mini Stand

Bamboo Panel iPad Mini Stand [$ 28.95]

Bamboo Panel iPad mini Stand

Universal Clear Tablet Stand [$ 9.99]

Universal Clear Tablet Stand

Cellet Hand Stand [$ 19.99]

Cellet Hand Stand

Mobile Stand [$ 15.39]

Mobile Stand

Skadoosh Mini Stand for iPad Mini [$ 59.95]

Skadoosh Mini Stand for iPad Mini

Incipio FIXIE Universal Tablet Stand [$ 36.95]

Incipio FIXIE Universal Tablet Stand

Smarter Stand [$ 14.99]

Smarter Stand

IntraStand Mini iPad Stand [$ 123.00]

IntraStand mini iPad Stand

Oak Log iPad Mini Stand [$ 95.00]

Oak Log iPad Mini Stand

Rusty Apple Wooden Stand [$ 45.00]

Rusty Apple Wooden Stand

Breffo Spiderpodium for iPad Mini [$ 19.10]

Breffo Spiderpodium for iPad Mini

Pad Relax Mini for iPad Mini [$ 49.90 – $ 54.90]

Aluminum Alloy Stand Holder [$ 8.19]

Durable Peacock Stand [$ 12.99]

Earpod Stand [$ 9.95]

Just Mobile Slide [$ 39.95]

Cracked Wood iStand for iPad Mini [$ 39.99]

iBallz Minis for iPad Mini [$ 24.95]

PadPillow [$ 28.90]

BookArc [$ 29.99]

Stump [$ 24.95]

Windfall for iPad Mini [$ 99.99]

Portable Folding Stand Holder [$ 2.29]

Multi Functional Stand [$ 7.99]

Universal Wave Tablet Stand [$ 34.99]

iProp Universal Tablet Stand [$ 29.95]

Clean Stand [$ 24.95]

Facet [$ 39.95]

Have a favorite that is not in the list? Share it with us in the comment box below.


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