PayPal’s in-store payment platform spreads to 18,000 retail locations across the US

PayPal Retail steps

In May of last year, PayPal sought to make its in-store payment platform more ubiquitous by rounding up a number of new retail partners including Home Depot, Guitar Center, Barnes & Noble, JC Penney, and others. Today the company has provided an update on those efforts, revealing that PayPal users can now pay for items in over 18,000 stores throughout the US.

In total, 23 of what PayPal dubs “large national retailers” have signed on to the program, which allows you to check out simply with the mobile phone number tied to your account and a PIN code. PayPal’s growing push is further proof that companies aren’t wasting time in trying to grab a sizable chunk of the mobile payments market; Square obviously remains PayPal’s biggest…

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