New Tumblr Takes Hilarious Look At Typeface Design

It’s a most unlikely combination to produce actually funny content and yet it works. Today French type designer Jean-Baptiste Levée launched the Tumblr F*** Yeah Typeface Design, delving into the psyche of type designers and exposing the everyday occurrences in their work, their struggle with huge glyph sets and uncooperative type design software, kerning and compiling, their big frustrations and small victories.

Trawling through the internet Jean-Baptise stumbled upon a number of Tumblrs focussing on graphic design, code, etc. To his own surprise he noticed that he spontaneously started imagining aphorisms in the same style about typeface design, adding images to them. That’s why he originally started posting them to his Twitter feed instead of an actual Tumblr. Before he realised it he got caught up in the game. Now that he has jumpstarted this project he hopes that other type designers and developers will join the Tumblr and submit their own entries.

If you know even a little bit about type design, you’ll laugh. Everyone else around you will have no clue why.

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