Don’t die: livestreaming turns video game speedruns into a spectator sport

Amnesia the Dark Descent

On January 21st, Twitch user Adam_ak decided to play through the spooky, foreboding horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent as fast as he could — and 11,000 people tuned in to watch it live. The concept of speedrunning has been around for some time, dating back to the late 1990s with PC games like Quake and Doom, but streaming technologies like Twitch have helped breathe new life into the phenomenon by letting viewers watch these attempts at video game greatness as they happen. “It’s very akin to watching a live football game,” says Twitch’s marketing VP Matthew DiPietro. “The guttural experience you have with a live football game is a little bit different than watching after the fact because you didn’t catch it live.”

“It’s very akin…

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