Mystery HTC handset appears with unusual button layout, Sense 5.0?

htc m7 leak android police

HTC is rumored to have a flagship phone called the M7 waiting in the wings, and we published the first alleged image courtesy of the oft-reliable @evleaks last week. Since then, a contradictory render surfaced at PocketNow that was produced by someone who claimed to have seen an image of the phone, and now Android Police has a matching photo itself. As you can see, it bears little resemblance to the “M7” in the previously leaked image — either this is a different handset, or one (or both) of the pictures are fake.

HTC appears to have switched the Home and Multitasking buttons around

That said, the new photos certainly look like something, and come with some details worthy of note. The device’s industrial design isn’t breaking much…

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