Intel launches the Yolo, its first smartphone for Africa


Intel’s chips for smartphones have made strides since we first reviewed them last year, but it’s still fairly rare to find one in the wild. So what is Intel telling people who might take a gamble on a more niche processor? Yolo. Released through carrier Safaricom, the Yolo is Intel’s first African smartphone, as well as the first phone we’ve seen to use the Lexington Atom chip Intel announced at CES. Despite what will jump to mind for most of us, the name is a nod to the Lava Xolo X900, the very first Intel phone. The Xolo was announced for India in mid-2012, while the Yolo is now coming to Kenya.

The Yolo is based on Intel’s reference design from CES, with a 3.5-inch screen and 1.2GHz processor; if it follows the specs we saw there,…

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