‘Baby Got Back’ cover airs on ‘Glee’ without any credit to Jonathan Coulton

jonathan coulton

A week ago, Jonathon Coulton discovered a leak of a song from an upcoming episode of Glee that imitated his cover of “Baby Got Back,” note-for-note. That episode aired last night and showed not only that the “cover” of his cover was very real, but also that the show’s producers chose not to credit Coulton in any way. Speaking to Wired, Coulton reiterated that he has few — if any — legal options beyond the possibility that he could sue if Fox used the quack sound from his song. “There’s still a chapter yet to come,” Coulton said.

“The next chapter is yet to come.

In a blog post update about the airing, Coulton also noted that Glee’s producers “indicated that this was their general policy in regards to covers of covers” and, more…

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