Infobar A02: the latest in a classic series of design-heavy Japanese phones with a radical UI

au infobar a02

Carrier bloatware and overwrought manufacturer skins are two of the banes of Android users in the US, but that’s not always the case all around the world. In Japan, for example, KDDI’s Infobar series has been pushing the boundaries of phone design for ten years now, and the carrier has just announced its latest entry — the Infobar A02. It’s an HTC-made smartphone with beautiful industrial design and a radical overhaul of Android 4.1.

Iida UI may well have inspired Windows Phone 8

It shares a similar skin to predecessors such as the C01, known as iida UI; first seen on the A01 in early 2011, it may well have provided inspiration for Windows Phone 8 with its vertically scrolling home screen of different-sized tiles. The Infobar A02…

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