30 Abstract and Colorful Desktop Wallpapers

Abstract art is, at its core, a visual representation of something that most of us will neither see nor understand. Sad to say, unless you’re an art critic, the meaning behind most pieces of abstract art will be completely lost on you.

That doesn’t mean we don’t think they look good.

As meaningless as they often appear to the artistic layman, abstract art has a certain appeal that we can’t quite place. Whether it’s an interesting use of geometry, an intricate design in folded newspapers, or, I don’t know, a heart shape fashioned out of dripping tomato sauce. There is something pleasing about certain abstract pieces that we just like.

Of course, it’s not just the weird and wonderful that falls into the category of abstract art. Plain old objects can become abstract, with the right tinkering. A DSLR camera with rainbows shooting out of the lens. A 1960s television set riding a wave of DVDs. When your art looks like something from a strange dream, your opportunities are, quite probably, endless.

So endless, in fact, that there’s really no way of determining what kind of abstract wallpaper will suit your needs by description. Few people think about what wallpaper they’d like on their desktop, and come to the conclusion that they’d like to see “something with a horse made of vegetables flying through a meat rainbow”.

The only way to be sure, is to see it. That could mean a lot of abstract wallpapers to flick through, so, to help you get started, here’s thirty good ones for you to look over.


The Transmission

Cubist Sky to Nature

Abstract Rose Stand



Just Bokeh

Stunning Abstract

Tempus Fugit

Fear of the Dark

Out in Space

Mother Earth

Between Heaven and Earth


Beauty of the Universe

Gazing into the Abyss

Pandora’S Box


Iluzion Natyror


The Morning Star

Nice Colourful Abstract

Nameless Liberty

Kitsch Me If You Can

Dock of Sound

Under The Sea


Curl Rainbow

A Kings Demise


So, there we have it. And, remember, there’s plenty more wallpapers around the web. If nothing else, the selection above should serve to at least give you an idea of what kind of abstract wallpapers might suit your tastes.

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