Privacy invasion or webcam art? ‘Screening Reality’ walks a fine line

screening reality 1

Deep in the heart of Europe sits a massive display full of live camera feeds from all over the world. Visitors drop by to peer in on unsuspecting strangers, staring blankly at scenes both intimate and banal — sleeping babies, pedestrians, empty storefronts. A computer silently churns nearby, bringing up new video streams and with them, new windows into the lives and habits of others.

It may sound like something out of a dystopian future, but for Pierre Derks, it’s reality.

Derks, 33, is a Dutch graphic designer and artist whose latest installation, Screening Reality, compiles 805 live feeds from insecure IP cameras to create a stunning — if somewhat startling — digital tapestry. The exhibit, which opened at the LhGWR Gallery in…

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