PlayStation 4 report suggests $400+ price

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The PlayStation 4 will launch this year for over 40,000 yen (about $ 428), according to a report in major Japanese daily the Asahi Shimbun. That’s the first clear indication we’ve gotten on how much the new system might cost, and suggests that while Sony isn’t pricing the PS4 too aggressively next to the likes of the Wii U, it may have learned its lesson from the shaky PlayStation 3 launch.

For comparison, upon release in 2006 the PS3 cost around 60,000 yen in its more expensive configuration, and $ 599 in the US. Meanwhile, the cheapest PS3 now costs 24,980 yen in Japan versus $ 269 in the US. Were the PS4 to launch at 40,000 yen in Japan, we’d expect an American price point of around $ 400 or more.

Has Sony learned its lesson from PS3?


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