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To avoid clogging up the original Valentype post this separate dedicated gallery will showcase all the submissions. New entries will gradually be added in chronological order as they come in, so bookmark this post and come back often. Feel free to comment on the love declarations, but please remember to remain courteous at all times.

February 8

Bernina – A tribute

Remember Audrey Hepburn, when she played Sabrina?
Did you listen to the songs, by that one diva Tina?
My Valentype is a typeface – A type named Bernina.

1 | David Hubner (Hellmonsödt, Austria) loves JAF Bernina Sans (Compressed)

2 | Arno Kathollnig (Villach, Austria) loves FF Sheriff

3 | Pippa Dawson loves Effra

4 | Emmet Farrell (Co. na Gaillimhe, Ireland) loves Aktiv Grotesk

5 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves Maple

6 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves FF Tisa Sans

7 | Guido Groeneveld (Barcelona, Spain) loves Nara
Nara is not available through FontShop and not eligible for Valentype 2013

Smeijers’s Quadraat is a beauty from a to z;
she makes me want to write exclusively in pangrams!

8 | Craig Eliason (Saint Paul, MN, USA) loves FF Quadraat

9 | Léa Fabreguettes (Angoulême, France) loves Alda

Those that say first love is blind
at best, must be
insipid tim’rous fools.

One glance upon your well proportion’d lines,
my heart was drawn
by your magnetic pull.

You fill my mind, no matter where I go
your face appears,
Oh Dax I love you so!

And yet I fear…


Days pass by, months stretch to years,
I wait alone
for smallest love returned.

Am I the fool to shed my ready tears,
about a love
so likely to be spurned?

My heart is fixed. In faithful tender tone,
I will be blind
to Serif and Didone.

Oh Dax, be mine?


Life would be a different place
with you, my love,
to aid in each design.

Your worthy form could lay a page with grace,
your words, I know
would better any line.

Twas meant to be – my heart is sure of this,
for Cupid’s bow
has spoken not amiss…

… Dax, Romeo.

10 | Samalah Gray (Marlborough, New Zealand) loves FF Dax

11 | Mayene De Leon (San Francisco, CA, USA) loves Bree

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