Gartner smartphone report: battle rages for third place behind Apple and Samsung

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Gartner today released its quarterly report on the state of the global smartphone market, largely confirming trends that were reported by IDC late last month. According to the research firm, Apple and Samsung continue to dominate the global smartphone market, with a combined market share of more than 52 percent, while third place remains up for grabs.

Samsung retained the top position in the smartphone market, with Q4 2012 sales totaling 64.5 million units, up 85.3 percent from the previous year. Apple, meanwhile, saw its sales reach 43.5 million units last quarter, up 22.6 percent from Q4 2011. This duopoly extends to the OS level, as well. Android widened its lead last quarter, with nearly 145 million units sold, of which Samsung…

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