‘Sesame Street’ eyes one billion YouTube views


The Count is going to be busy today. “Sesame Street” is approaching one billion views on its YouTube channel, putting it into territory generally reserved for pop artists such as Korean rapper Psy (“Gangnam Style“), Lady Gaga, and of course, Biebs. “Sesame Street,” though, will be the first “nonprofit organization and the first US children’s company,” to hit the number, as the channel notes.

With 978 million views as of 11 AM ET Thursday, “Sesame Street” is turning to fans to help it go the rest of the way. In a new video posted today, furry star “Telly” promises a secret video will be unlocked once the channel crosses the billion views mark.

Aside from underscoring the enduring popularity of the hit children’s TV show, “Sesame…

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