Icons Times: News Coverage at its Creative Best!

When it comes to breaking News and current affairs, it is generally felt that there is not much room for creativity. After all, you do not see Reuters, CNN or the BBC using metaphors, idioms or abstract art, do you?

What if, I told you, it indeed is possible to combine creative expression with news coverage? Allow us to introduce you to Icons Times, which is, quite possibly, the internet’s first ever signage information website!

Icons Times

Icons Times reports breaking news and the latest happenings from around the world. However, instead of using boring text and grim photography, it focuses on informative graphics and icons. For instance, check out how Icons Times covered the Russian meteorite incident: the text comes from The Wall Street Journal, but the graphic on display — ah… sheer awesomeness!

Icons TimesMeteorite Hits Russia, Causing Panic by James Marson

All in all, Icons Times is an interesting and inspirational concept that shows a gallery of news and happenings from diverse topics and niches, and presents them in an impressive and innovative form using only graphics.

Icons TimesExperts say North Korea nuclear test an ‘important step towards weaponization’ by Greg Palkot

So, the next time you feel the need to update yourself with the latest happenings around the globe, forget your newspaper, and don’t bother with CNN or Fox News — just head on over to Icons Times!

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