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After 178 editions, we have finally decided to change the format of our weekly web design inspiration. It has been long overdue, don’t you think? The times have changed a lot from that very first edition (published on the 30th of July).

Back then everything was about the desktop, but now we are in the midst of the mobile revolution. And that is what our new weekly web & mobile column is going to be about: a catalog and archive of beautifully designed responsive websites and mobile apps.

So, sit back with your Saturday morning cup of coffee and enjoy the sites and apps we have for you today. Don’t forget to click the ‘Change Viewport’ button to explore each site in detail.

Standbuy (Responsive)

Standbuy - Web and Mobile Inspiration

StandbuyChange Viewport

Plain – Deliberately Simple (Responsive)

Plain - Deliberately Simple - Web and Mobile Inspiration

PlainChange Viewport

Minimal Monkey (Responsive)

Minimal Monkey - Web and Mobile Inspiration

Minimal MonkeyChange Viewport

The Experiential Company

The Experiential Company - Web and Mobile Inspiration

The Experiential Company

Solasié (Responsive)

Solasié - Web and Mobile Inspiration

SolasiéChange Viewport

icons times (Responsive)

icons times - Web and Mobile Inspiration

icons timesChange Viewport

Mark Boulton Design (Responsive)

Mark Boulton Design - Web and Mobile Inspiration

Mark Boulton DesignChange Viewport

Thomas Schrijer (Responsive)

Thomas Schrijer - Web and Mobile Inspiration

Thomas SchrijerChange Viewport

Haze (iOS App)


Rise (iOS App)


Foldify (iPad App)


Flight Card (iOS App)

Flight Card - Web and Mobile Inspiration

Flight Card

Static (iOS App)


Do you know of a website or an app that deserves a place in our Weekly Web & Mobile Creativity column?
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