Awesome Gig Posters Illustrated by Luke Drozd

The Black Keys - Gig Poster

The Gig Poster community has boomed over the previous years, especially with the launch of to bring that community together in one place, the competition for selection by the big bands is tough and its hard to stand out, but I think Luke does a pretty good job, I am sure that you will agree. I recently stumbled upon Luke Drozd over on Dribbble, and instantly was struck by his unique illustrative style and then realised he had created gig posters for some of my favourite bands! so he had me practically by the neck. His use of line, color and style all compile together creating some wicked designs. Check him out over @ his website.   What I like the most about Luke’s work is his clever use of line and shading techniques. In the piece above and in a few others he has used the ‘stitching’ technique to fill out the shade. Its a traditional style and works excellently.  

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