10 Poker Website Designs – What makes them click?

Poker Website Designs

Gambling, Gambling & more Gambling, you will find that pretty much every dynamic website will, at some point, have something related to gambling floating around their archives. Maybe in an advert or within content like this. Apart from the actual poker players, do we as designers pay much attention to these websites or even their adverts? Maybe we should, because they all have one thing in common and that is to sell, and they do it extremely well! So today we are going to be taking a look at a selection of 10 poker website designs, stripping them down to the bones to see what design basics could contribute to their success. Firstly, I'm going to compile together a collection of imagery taken from the most popular and trusted poker websites on the internet, then the stripping follows at the bottom of the page.     William Hill      Titan Poker    The Stripping Generally speaking, the poker website designers have taken a simplistic approach to their design and due to the high competition they have focused the entirety of the design on marketing. This is where real design comes into play, its all good to know your photoshop effects inside and out, but to target specific markets with a mass of background research is a different playing field completely. This may seem quite obvious, but Im sure that we have all seen websites ignore these basic marketing techniques and possibly missing out the chance the reel in customers. Also, the use of color is extremely important which brings me to my next point. Another thing that is quite obvious throughout the designs of these websites is the high contrast in color. Each design has its own base color scheme, and then another color scheme for its 'highlights', highlights being the parts of the website that they desperately want you to click. help pop the areas of marketing within their designs, but hey! they're the ones making millions so what do I know. If you are embarking on the journey of designing your own poker website, or a website with the main intention to sell I hope that these points help. Although they are obvious, its great to recap.

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