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Relatively new design agency Bold has a beautiful portfolio crammed with even more beautiful projects. These book layouts are just the tip of the iceberg, In Bold's second year they were ranked among the top 5 design agencies in Sweden (2012) and have been shortlisted for this years voting also! which Is a fantastic achievement, especially for a company who has barely been around for 3 years! If you like modern, clean, professional and practical design then you will love Bold as all of these characteristics feature througout their company.    This beautifully bound book designed for Mateus, a Sweden based ceramics manufacturer, sits primarily on a flat black background and features some fantastic imagery. I really like the combination between large and small typography. It screams confidence and professionalism with serifs, would love a close up on the smaller text.   The book above not only is designed excellently with a strong black, white and orange combination, it has a practical use also. The company that the book has been made for is called Spinalis, and what they do is rehabilitate people with spinal cord injuries. Notice the binding method, this allows the book to lay on a flat surface without forcing itself to close again, which is very useful for those that may not have the use of both hands. Illustrations by Jesper Waldersten.   This book is interesting, and quite a nice idea for other agencies. The simple question 'What is your Favorite Place?' was asked to everyone at the agency (and sister agencies - Åkestam Holst, Promenad and KNOCK), and from the answers they made a book, compiling all their favorite places and the reasons why. A nice little something to give to their future and existing clients. The layout was entirely based on each individual story, so there was no set layout apart from of course the various branding guidelines to bring the book together nicely.  Treating your clients like they're friends, even little things like wishing them well seriously pay's off and helps the progression of a great working relationship and a good working relationship usually concludes with a mighty fine body of work.   

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