A Comparison Between Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart [Infographic]

E-commerce are becoming very popular these days, all sales are done directly or more familiar that you can called with traditional sales. Where seller and buyer meet at the same place then conduct the payment transactions. But now, Internet can make connected people all over the world, and also tools such as credit card payment transactions and electronic money such as PayPal which has made e-commerce as one of the leading industry.

A Comparison Between Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart [Infographic]

The modern era require all the things that can make changes a face of the companies and industries, including the flexibility and connectivity as a part of it. Are you considering selling products online? The process involves many aspects of the internet, enough to detour someone from even considering it.

This infographic by forixwebdesign.com will help you think through some of the best CMS solutions (Magento, osCommerce, and OpenCart) for your e-commerce store that is relevant than you walk around over the net.

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