This Week in Fonts

This Week in Fonts is a new weekly roundup of new font releases, curated by Sean Mitchell.

Typotheque: Supernova

A family that combines the spontaneity of a script typeface with the versatility of multiple weights and cuts.

Hoftype: Foro Rounded

The softer sister of the succesful Foro family. Distinct in appearence, whith pleasant haptic, objective, and with graphic appeal.

Device: Cadogan

A freeform linking script that again uses OpenType programming to replace beginning and ending characters with uniquely designed variants.

District: Fair Sans

A distinctive sans-serif with much of its calligraphic structure left intact. Its casual construction and unconventional letterforms create a unicase family that’s relaxed and lively at the same time.

Jure Kozuh: Stat Display Pro

A sans serif type family legible in circumstances of low visibility. Its large character set with multiple weights is defined by optimal size ratio, distinctive letter shapes, wide aperture and balanced counters.

Nootype: Selfico

A modern font family, that has a strong verticality intensified with the vertical “y” and a special È. These special letters don’t create any issues with legibilty. The large number of ligatures help to make an original and creative layout.

Laura Worthington: Number Five

Captures the moments before we moved into our Brave New World. The letters are subtly retro and just barely distressed, and are evocative of Betty Crocker cookbooks used by women in high heels and crisp aprons, signs painted on old barns along the highway, and slow summer days with Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio (and his number 5 jersey) at bat.

Tipo Pèpel: Boxed

Brightly conceived and designed to look good on small screen devices, but offering also enlightened looks on paper.

Stereotypes: Prism

Mainly inspired by two things, the sketches of Rudolf Koch for Prisma and the proportions of Avant Garde by Herb Lubalin. Even when the proportions and widths stay the same from ExtraLight to Black, you get the opportunity to change the weight and get a complete new look for that typeface by changing the grayscale or color.

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This Week in Fonts

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