A Social Network for Dogs: Pawprints

a social network for dogs

I have just come across an awesome concept for an app, it's a social network for dogs, unfortunately not launched for the public it has been created by Jocelyn Lui, Vickie Angie and developer Andy Mikulski.  It looks like they have the intention of launching the app, here is what Jocelyn has said: "Pawprints is a place for you to keep track of your dog’s life and share it with friends. Look back on daily moments and know that you will always be able to keep them with you. It was originally a mobile app concept that I created for a school project in Fall 2012 with Vickie Angie and Malika Butler. Since then, Vickie and I have turned the concept into a full experience and Andy Mikulski has joined us as our developer. We plan to launch our promotional website very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!"        

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