Furniture Design: Book Chair & Lean Seris by Chen Liu

Furniture Design

Chen Liu specialises in furniture design and has designed two unique products one that she has called the 'Book Chair' perfect for a library and full of imagination. The other called 'Lean Seris' which is for use in public when you fancy a little rest..brilliant idea! Book Chair – "This low chair was designed for a library, the colors may vary to fit the different interior atmosphere. The concept is playing with the original element of a book – pages, layers and the action of ‘open’. Chen played with the scale of the book and cut the pages to create positive and negative shape in two sides to fit the body. In terms of material, she chose a yoga mat as a prototype, felt would be another choice in this case." Lean Seris – "This seris is designed for temporary rest in public (stations, phone booth, etc). People who sitting on the ground are likely to feel unsafe because of the lower sight line, so lying on something would be a good choice. Also evoke the simplest forms of chair using the features of rattan is a way to reuse the free space."  

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