How to get FFFeatured

If you’re looking to get your work infront of agencies, journalists and other designers, having your work featured on a design blog can really boost your profile.

The big question is what’s the best way of making that happen?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can shed some light on what we look out for at FormFiftyFive. There are a variety of ways that we find content for FFF. Here’s how you can stand out…


We get around 30-50 daily submissions from all over the globe. Going through these isn’t an easy task, we all have a day job and can’t read and especially answer every single email. So make your submission count!

Keep it short, send a concise email with basic information on you or the project, a link to the work and 2-3 jpegs.

Supply your images ready to publish and take time to find the preferred image dimensions of the blog you are writing to. Provide a download link with further material and a press release with soundbites, quotable comments and ‘behind the scenes’ or production info.

Do your research! Read the blog you are writing to and find out who they are, what they write about and if your work will fit. Never start your email with ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ or ‘To whom it may concern’ (it really happens). Within the first 2 seconds of reading an email I can tell if you actually read FFF or not!

Try seeking out the contributor who’s posts you most enjoy or who’s work is most like your own as there’s probably a good chance they’ll feature you.


Consider spreading news about your project or portfolio through Twitter’s design community. Bloggers might stumble over a link to your work or you could ask a blog directly to check out your work.

The advantage of Twitter is that it requires you to be concise and this helps you focus your message, meaning that you can catch the attention of busy bloggers.

Never tweet multiple blogs at the same time to check out your work though, its just rude and impersonal.

Other blogs

Our contributors keep an eye on a variety of other design blogs for work that instantly stands out for it’s idea or execution. So, if you get featured by one blog you’ll usually notice your work spreading quite quickly. The more effort you put into finding the right blog to suit your material, the more likely it is your work with gain momentum.

The main thing is to carefully consider what and how often you share. Writing to blogs about single projects every couple of weeks isn’t going to get you far, unless the project is mind-blowing of course! A portfolio update with multiple new projects on the other hand is more likely to get you featured.

So to recap

Do your research, keep it short & direct, make it easy to publish and don’t over-do it! Send us your very best work to

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