Discover Typographica’s “Our Favorite Typefaces of 2012”

The wait is finally over, and it was well worth it. Not a Best Of-list nor an Award, Typographica’s Our Favorite Typefaces of 2012 celebrates type design by inviting type connoisseurs – typographers, type and other designers, type commentators, … – to select one typeface released in the past year and write a review about it. This year’s edition features over 50 of those reviews, offering a varied overview of the current state of type production worldwide. Matthew Butterick perfectly describes the purpose and intent of Typographica’s epic effort in the comments:

This feature is not a beauty pageant. It is not an award. It is a way to recognize the good work that is going on in type, and confirm that it remains a vital field of design exploration.

The writers – people who know about type – get to explain why certain typefaces work well. The readers get to learn about typefaces they would have likely overlooked, and hopefully learn something about type in general. The type designers get some well-deserved compliments from their peers. And everyone who likes type gets reminded of the amazing design talent that type attracts, and the wonderful ideas and craft that go into these projects. It reminds us how far we’ve come. It inspires us to do better. What a pleasure to be involved.

Judging from some snarky tweets – and to my astonishment – the list is not without controversy. That’s why I recommend you also read the comments on the main page, particularly Matthew’s level-headed and insightful commentary. For me Typographica’s Favourite Fonts has consistently been a highlight every time it was published, the odd one out amongst the Best Of-lists and awards. If anyone misunderstands its raison d’être and mistakes it for something it isn’t, well, that’s their loss. But why not make up your own mind? Free up some time and dive in. Whether you do it in bite-sized chunks or spend a lazy morning or afternoon, you will marvel, discover, learn, appreciate. A heartfelt thank you to Stephen Coles for inviting me to contribute and for putting in all that work.

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