Flipboard 2.0 refreshes app’s look, now lets everyone run their own magazine (hands-on)


Flipboard announced today that it has 50 million users, and also released a new version of its app that lets everyone become an editor-in-chief. Flipboard 2.0 is “the most epic release we’ve ever done,” CEO Mike McCue told The Verge, and most of its new features focus on curation: users can now “flip stories,” in the app or in a browser via a bookmarklet, into their own magazines. Other users can subscribe to those magazines, and whenever the magazine’s owner adds something new it updates subscribers’ versions as well – it’s very much like a Spotify playlist in that sense.

We’ve been playing with the new version of Flipboard for about a week, and it’s definitely better than ever. There are some small aesthetic changes in the app:…

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