Last Days of Reduced Rate for TYPO Berlin 2013 “Touch”

You can always count on the TYPO organisers to come up with fun surprise initiatives. Their Early Bird reduced rates were supposed to end on February 28. That is, until they realised this year is an important anniversary for the Berlin design conference (which now also has sister events in London and San Francisco). Its predecessor FUSE 95 was held 18 years ago in Berlin, which means TYPO is coming of age with “Touch”. Some of the speakers from 1995 will be back in 2013: Erik Spiekermann, Erik van Blokland, and Alexander Branczyk. Gerhard Kassner, TYPO photographer since day one, has published two dozens memory pictures on Flickr. You can read about the seminal event that spawned the hugely successful series of conferences in our interview with Jürgen Siebert. Now TYPO wants to celebrate its 18th anniversary with gifts and special prices, with as many guests as possible. Therefore they are extending their promotion and offer professional tickets at a discounted rate until Easter Sunday, March 31. Student tickets are on sale again, too, and you can still win a free ticket every week for TYPO Berlin 2013.

Just like FUSE 95, TYPO Berlin 2013 will focus on the topic of type and typography. In addition to talks by leading type experts like Gerry Leonidas, Paul Barnes, Henrik Kubel, Albert-Jan Pool, Sander Neijnens, Roland Stieger, Julie K. Andersen, Ferdinand Ulrich, Ann Bessemans, David Demaree, … there will be informative and highly entertaining performances engaging our audience to participate in hands-on activities.

Paul van der Laan and Erik van Blokland ruthlessly (and hilariously) dissect Typecooker submissions at TYPO Berlin 2012 “Sustain”. © Alexander Blumhoff

After they successfully tried out Typecooker with live audience participation at TYPO 2012, Type & Media tutors Paul van der Laan and Erik van Blokland will once again invite the TYPO attendees to try their hand at drawing letters, teaching them how to cook up new ideas for type. Using state-of-the-art-technology, the chefs will demonstrate some of the best kept secrets of their kitchen. Whip up appetizing letters in minutes and get a taste for the secrets of hand-chopped ingredients. Roll up your sleeves – Paul and Erik will cut to the bone when critiquing your work. Bring your own Moleskins and pens.

A world premiere will be the first Lettering vs. Calligraphy duel before a live audience. At TYPO 2013 Argentinian type designer and letterer Martina Flor and Italian calligrapher Giuseppe Salerno will bring their popular website battle to the stage, where they will compete live against each other for the first time.

FontFont TypeBoard meeting, October 2010, with (from left to right) Erik van Blokland, Andreas Frohloff, Jürgen Siebert, Stephen Coles, and Erik Spiekermann. © FontFont

Another premiere grants the audience an unprecedented look into the inner workings of a type library – the first public meeting of the FontFont TypeBoard, which has been curating one of the leading independent font foundries with the world’s largest library of original, contemporary typefaces. Type board members Erik van Blokland, Stephen Coles, Erik Spiekermann and Andreas Frohloff will review new type submissions, criticising the typefaces in their signature no-holds-barred style and motivating their opinions. Presented by FontFont Marketing Director Ivo Gabrowitsch and Chief Marketing Officer of FontShop AG Jürgen Siebert, this public meeting will provide crucial insights into what makes a typeface suitable for inclusion in a reputable font foundry.

So don’t miss out and register for TYPO Berlin 2013 “Touch” before the reduced rates run out. See you all in Berlin in two months!

Header image: TYPO Berlin 2012 “Sustain” audience in the main hall. © FontFont

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