30 Clean Web Design Agency Homepages

Over the years (as you can see from 2008 and 2010) design agencies have consistently produced clean and spacious homepages using a simple tried and tested formula: Large logo, a simple medium-sized tagline, main section used for showcasing some of their best work and finally listing some basic contact information in the footer. It is a very simple formula, but it has worked effectively.

Fast forward a few years to 2013 and web trends have dramatically changed, technology has greatly improved, user expectations are much higher and the mobile web has well and truly arrived. Typography is much larger nowadays, sliders are used instead of static images, parallax scrolling & single pagers are overly popular… there are so many changes and improvements that we can’t possibly list them all here.

But the one thing that hasn’t changed, despite all of the progress and as you will see from the beautiful and clean agency sites we have for you below, is that that simple, yet perfect, web design agency formula still works and rings true: Logo – Tagline – Best Work – Contact Info.

It is timeless.

Gin Lane Media

Gin Lane Media - Design Company

DangerDom Studios

DangerDom Studios - Design Company


Whiteboard - Design Company


Manos - Design Company


TeamGeek - Design Company

Grain & Mortar

Grain & Mortar - Design Company

By Association Only

By Association Only - Design Company


45royale - Design Company

Playground Inc.

Playground Inc. - Design Company


Palantir.net - Design Company

Always Creative

Always Creative - Design Company

Engage Interactive

Engage Interactive - Design Company


Etch - Design Company


FHOKE - Design Company


Awesome - Design Company


CO OP - Design Company


Teehan+Lax - Design Company

Sputnik Creative

Sputnik Creative - Design Company


Kohactive - Design Company


Plain - Design Company

Mark Boulton Design

Mark Boulton Design - Design Company

35mm Design

35mm Design - Design Company

Supereight Studio

Supereight Studio - Design Company

Envy Labs

Envy Labs - Design Company

I <3 FR

I <3 FR - Design Company

Shelton Fleming

Shelton Fleming - Design Company

FortyOneTwenty Inc.

FortyOneTwenty Inc. - Design Company

Online Department

Online Department - Design Company

The Prince Ink Company

The Prince Ink Company - Design Company


SoftFacade - Design Company

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