An Ode to Odosketch!

‘O’ – is for the Pwning! Which you are about to do…(when it’s spelled correctly, not like the chatspeaking crew.)
‘D’ – is for the, uh…yeah, the doing! That I previously mentioned to you.
The other ‘O’ – is for online! Where this application nests.
And ‘S’ – is for the sketch…which really covers all the rest.

The webs are full of inventive applications that, while not necessarily being vital to the day to day function of our routines, are valuable tools for keeping the creative mindset active and inspired! Odosketch, is one such application. We discovered this site recently thanks to one, @adellecharles, who turned us on to this creative little online outlet. Odosketch allows the user to either take the time and use the tools provided on the site to create their own drawings, or to click on an already completed drawing from the gallery to see a fast-play rendition of its creation. With intuitive usability, and a number of different tools at your disposal, Odosketch can provide hours of inspiring entertainment as you sort through the gallery or even prepare to add a sketch of your own to the collection. Either way, it promises to be a good time!


Below, we have gathered a few of our favorites from the massive gallery on the Odosketch site, which believe me, was no easy task selecting. So many interesting and unique pieces to choose from, that we had to narrow it down to just the handful we have for you here. We hope you enjoy this creative little online app and the showcase it has wrought as much as we have.












That’s All Folks!

…No, really. That’s it. There is definitely more waiting for you at the site, but that’s all the Odosketch goodness we’ve got for you today. But if you have some time to kill or more inspiration to collect then swing by Odosketch and see what comes of it. We may do a feature later of reader created sketches if we get enough links in the comments to ones you all have done, but that will be later down the road.

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An Ode to Odosketch!

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