Battle of the Bands – An Extended Creative Discussion #1

So after we started the Creative Discussion – How do you beat the creative block, we realized that one of the main things that so many people go to for re-ignition of that creative fire, was music. This had come to no surprise to us, as music has often been a useful source of inspiration for us both. But it did get us thinking, which music? Sure, by and large, we all turn to the tunes to flip the script and reset switch in our brains and kick start the stormin’ once more, but what music?

Any music? Naw, just good music. Good music? But what makes it good music? A kickin’ beat, or lingering lyrics? Could be. Afterall, we are different, and are reached in different ways. So it is only natural that we would all be affected differently and respond to a variety of elements within the music we go to when a mental monkey wrench gums up our works. But what gives the music that indefinable inspirational quality that turns us on to the sound? Why, the band of course. It is the band we are responding to, more often than not, and it is the band that makes the music…what it is. Of course it is the band making the music, that is not what I meant. What I am saying is that, sure there are songs we drawn to, but the music and lyrics are filled with passion and given breath by the people who perform it. Giving the music both heart and soul, theirs. Without which, the music would fall flat and be as hard to listen to as The New Kids on the Block. Just kidding…nothing’s that hard. :p

So we turned the question over to you, the online Twitter populous. We started collecting responses last week to get this battle ball rolling. We asked the masses ‘What bands get your creative juices flowing, and why?’ and below are their responses…

The Tweeple Have Spoken – The Battle Begins

@jamiecroft – Sigur Ros – I love their sound. I can’t understand what they are saying, I believe they are from iceland. but the music is great.

@gariphic – Friendly Fires, Snow Patrol, Blu Mar Ten, Athlete

@bkmacdaddy – ALWAYS Dave Matthews. Most unique and genuinely creative original artist I know.

@LBOI – Jack Johnson & Pete Murray are very easy listening. They don’t deter my thought process n pump me with visions of creativity

@adellecharles – @LBOI oooh good call on jack johnson! I Also recommend Pink!

@fudgegraphics – “The Mars Volta” because their music is so energetic and has great build-ups. It’s very inspiring and stimulating. “Jose Gonzalez” because you get lost in the atmosphere created by his music. It puts you in a creative mindset.about 10 hours ago.

@arronlock – Slipknot. When I am in a rut throwing down with Slipknot get my creative juices going.

@jankowarpspeed – Metallica, Iron Maiden, Bad Religion -The most inspiring music for me, loaded with energy and power that I need. Fueling my creativity :)

@wannabef – King’s X – rock guitar, Beatles-esque harmonies, funky R&B grooves, smart lyrics — like 10 bands in one!

@nikibrown – sigur ros gets my creativity flowing. Such beautiful music. Would like to translate that beauty into my designs!

@ffffffive – The Killers, Coldplay, and The Fray without a doubt. :)

@briancray – Shpongle – because you can get lose track of time with their music, which is important for hardcore focus

@gooddogcreative – The Gourds fuel my creativity because they put so much of their own creativity into their music.

@esksmith77 – I like Maroon5. Their music is varied in tempo & type. It makes me happy. My head bobs, my heart lifts, & the smile spreads to the keyboard. Almost makes a white girl wanna dance. ALMOST

@claudiamonroy – Radiohead, TV on the Radio, Bjork (not really a band but …)

@stacychristian – COLDPLAY! Their energy and emotion inspires me.

@yellowpulp – for me, Taken by Cars, Updharmadown, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coldplay. Its their melody and lyrics that inspires me most.

@SocialMediaWonk – See me…feel meEee…

@csleh – if I need creative fuel, listening to Podrunner keeps me going. light on voice, heavy on beat – low distraction high energy.

@graphicidentity – hi πŸ˜€ my all time favorite band is “Coldplay” ~ because they have have various range of beats, great melody and lyrics. Just perfect to listen in all kind of situations. Hey, I’m curious whats your favorite bands?

Well, since you asked, Audee, here are ours…

@rob_e_bowen – Definitely Bob Dylan and Placebo! Something about those fellas that just get my mind moving. Though the poetic stylings of Leonard Cohen, Mos Def, and say the Flobots, also really light my creative fires.

@angbowen – Placebo would be my number one band to listen to when I need inspiration. An upbeat tempo with amazingly original lyrics and one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard. She Wants Revenge, The Dresden Dolls & Cibo Matto are also great for fueling my creativity.

What’s Your Two Cents?

So with the initial answers that we have, it seems Coldplay is on top of the pile for now, though with a few answers filled below in the comments section could change the forerunners all around. Hit us up with your favorite bands for getting your creative fires burning again, so we can see which bands, we as a community, are most turning to, to get us through our creative blocks.

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Battle of the Bands – An Extended Creative Discussion #1

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