FYC Ultra Grunge Wallpaper

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License Type: Creative Commons 3.0
Author: Rob Bowen

In the spirit of community and giving, the freebies continue here on Fuel Your Creativity. After Angie put together the last brilliant wallpaper to give away, the Explosive Typography wallpaper, I wanted to take a turn at not only showing my appreciation, but also paying homage to the new positions we have here as editors of FYC. So I put together the FYC Ultra Grunge Wallpaper for free download from the blog. It was inspired by a combination of designs by Adelle Charles, actually. The FYC Wallpaper she created for the blog here, and the new Twitter pages she designed for the FUEL team. This new grunge ridden wallpaper is free for all to use, and we hope you are going to enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting this together for you.





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FYC Ultra Grunge Wallpaper

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