15 Cool Snowboard Designs

Extreme sports are very exciting and dangerous at the same time. I still remember one of my friend used to be obsessed over cool roller blades produced by Salomon. Well, I personally do not skate or ski, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at attractive extreme sports designs. Today, I like to share with you, some of the coolest snowboard designs that I found over Behance & DeviantArt. By the way, please do not hesitate to share your favorite link with us. After all, we here at FUEL are always looking out for new inspirations!

1.Snowboard design by Ghica Popa

2. Snowboard cover design by Visualizers

3. Snowboards by Paulo Henrique Storch

4. Bonza Snowboards by KaraKes

5. Salomon Snowboards 08 | Cassiano Saldanha

6. Blackhole Snowboard Design by niel quisaba

7. Assorted Board Graphics by Andrew Fairclough

8. Boards (Skate and Snow) by Victor Hugo Ortiz González

9. Snowboard Design Comps by Jon Garcia

10. G-Shock / Head Snowboards by pputzar

11. Salomon Snowboard project 2006 by dchan

12. Ride Snowboard by Rubens LP

13.Olga’s graphic by Jason Doherty

14. Atomic / BlueTomato Team Board by Stefan Joch

15. Salomon’s Snowboard Artwork Contest by Fabricio Novak

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15 Cool Snowboard Designs

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