50 MORE Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

So a little while back, Adelle did an inspiration post on logos, 50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration, for anyone who happened to miss it. We felt after all this time, it was ripe for a follow-up. Not ripe in like a bad way. More like in a fresh fruity kind of way. Though, perhaps a scratch and sniff logo collection would be an interesting feat. Anyway, the follow-up…So we scoured through over two dozen logos on this one site we stumbled onto with a handful of logos on it. Okay, so that is not exactly how it happened, but we have gathered here for you, what we feel, are an awesome collection of ass kicking designs that leave us longing for more…and not because there is anything wrong with these, it is not like they are lacking or anything like that…in a good way. See for yourself.

image1 image2
image3 image4
image5 image6
image7 image8
image9 image10
image11 image12
image13 image17
image18 image19
image14 image15
image16 image20
image21 image22
image23 image24
image25 image26
image27 image28
image29 image30
image31 image32
image33 image34
image35 image36
image37 image38
image39 image40
image41 image42
image43 image44
image45 image46
image47 image48
image49 image50

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50 MORE Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

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