Featured Industrial Designer Joel Escalona

We felt it was time to turn our spotlight on and shine it on a designer whose gallery we have continually been impressed with, and fascinated by. This spotlight is reaching across the spectrum to the arena of industrial design, and features a new favorite of ours, Joel Escalona.

Before studying Industrial Design at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco, in Mexico City (2008), Joel Escalona was already designing conceptual award winning products as well as home accessories and furniture pieces. He describes his designs as some kind of combination between his understanding of design mainstream, inspirational folklore, and design thinking always driven by storytelling concepts in the search for new design territories.


Outdoors Furniture Collection

This is a very stylish and contemporary outdoors furniture collection made of soft synthetic fibers structured with a strong metal frame. The synthetic fibers are resistant to UV, and all kind of outdoors environments like heavy use, pool water and sea salt. This kind of fiber is also a Non-toxic material that is recyclable and friendly on the environment. Both the metal frame and the synthetic fiber can be recycled.





Santos Chair

Inspired by the shape of a Champagne Glass Santos is a Drinking Chair made of Glass Fiber.



Spin Series

Spin is a collection of indoor/outdoor furniture, made of a thin but strong metal structure and painted with powder coating. The Spin collection consist on a Big Table which combine with the Small Stools ideal for a restaurant or even in a house, then a taller Stool perfect for a bar and finally a Tray the perfect place to put your drink and some snack.




Dancing Furniture

‘Design To Celebrate A Culture’

Just as if they were dancing together, the carpet and the table are inspired by Mexican Traditional Dances and Dresses.

The goal was to design something inspired by culture and folklore, in this case Mexican’s. In a place with such a variety of colors and folklore like Mexico, is very difficult to take all and combine it in one piece, so I look at some of our dresses and colors and try to capture the shapes made by dresses in movement in order to design the Dancing Table and the Dancing Carpet.

The Dancing Table is a rigid surface with small waves in the exterior, which leaves plenty space in the center for a lamp and small things.

The Dancing Carpet is one big surface with soft waves in different vibrant colors; acting like one big dress in movement on the floor.





MYDNA Bookcase

The books you like, the CD´s you have, the photos you store, and all that objects you put on the bookcase, define a significant part of your personal identity.


Drop Oil & Vinegar Bottles

The combination between silver and glass mix with the different colors of the dressings, make a pretty clear and good-looking oil & vinegar bottle. Excellent for small portions and they work just as well for soy sauce, chili oil or any other tasty dressing.


Asterisco USB Hub

Very often when you connect multiple USB devices, you get trouble because always there is too little space between USB ports. Asterisco USB Hub involves a fairly wide distance between ports, so you will not need additional extension cables in order to plug all your devices.


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Featured Industrial Designer Joel Escalona

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