The Art of Creativity!

As we have taken up the task of steering the ship over here at Fuel Your Creativity, we have begun looking at the core of our subject. The roots of creativity, if you will…the stuff that creativity is made of, if you won’t…and we’ve really got nothing else if you are for some reason unwilling to go to either of those places. Having steeped for years in the creative pool, it was almost something, as a subject, that we simply took for granted. Neither of us ever really examining the creative process, as much as just, you know, partaking in it. But as this journey has unfolded, so has our artistic curiosity, unfolded along with it. During this inquisitive expedition we were turned on to a post on a blog by Joshua Smibert of the FUEL team. He told us that he felt the post spoke to the essence of creativity, and after reading it, we could not agree more.


The story came from the blog of Jin Yang. It was the simple story of a painting that was commissioned to be the final puzzle piece to completing the minimalistic interior design that Jin had subtly pieced together over time. Like the Dude’s rug, this painting really came to tie the entire feel and structure of the room together, just as Jin had hoped it would. Bringing so many elements alive in more than the piece itself, it also reflected so many of the elements of the space it would come to inhabit. When Jin commissioned Connor to create the piece, he took the artist into the space to allow Connor to get a feel for what he had put together, in hopes it would inspire the same feeling in the painting. And, boy did it ever. We wrote recently about creative spaces and how they can fuel your creativity (hey, I just got that. Kidding. Sorry.), and it seems that the space inspired quite the creative burst in this case. Now, we don’t want to take credit for inspiring Jin to use the space as effectively as he did, mainly, because we had absolutely nothing to do with it whatsoever. So, we won’t even try…but we may have had a little something to do with it. Kidding.


If you click through to Jin’s blog, you can read the full account of what came next, and we highly recommend that you do, because it is quite inspiring, the whole ‘what came next’ part. Jin describes elements in Connor’s painting that further begs the question of just what moves our muses towards the creation of the art we fashion with our own two hands? Jin goes through several lines of different interpretations he has drawn from the painting. Interpretations that fall in step with exactly where Jin was hoping the painting would go. Were these elements inspiration crafted from the flow Jin had created? Or were they interpretations seen by the viewer that were unintended by the artist? Either way, it is an inarguable fact that Connor’s piece is an inspired work of art. What fed his creativity is the artist’s secret, but what was gathered and gained from his art, is no secret at all. That is the beauty of art, it is crafted not only by the artist’s hand, but in the mind of the viewer who is being moved by the piece they have before them.

Once again, make sure you check out Jin’s blog for the full story on Crimson.

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The Art of Creativity!

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