Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 review


The story of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 really starts with a different device — the Galaxy Note 10.1. Samsung advertised a power-user’s dream device: letting you edit documents or draw with a pen, do more than one thing at a time, and even take handwritten notes like it’s 1746 or something. Oh, and be a tablet and do all the things a tablet should. The Galaxy Note 10.1 did all of those things, but didn’t do a single one well, which left a previously very excited Nilay Patel very sad indeed.

A few months and a lot of angry feedback go a long way, and Samsung’s had a chance to right its wrongs. The Galaxy Note 8.0, which will be available April 11th for $ 399, is the result of those efforts: an 8-inch tablet that offers all the features…

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