Mail Pilot for iOS: is there room in the App Store for a $14.99 email client?


Over a year after successfully reaching its Kickstarter goal, Mail Pilot is finally out of beta and in the iOS App Store. Although it was originally intended as a subscription-based service, Mail Pilot’s developers have changed paths and decided to launch the app for $ 14.99 with no subscription. When it was first announced, Mail Pilot was hailed as an “ingenious” and “revolutionary” idea; a complete rethink of how we manage email that turns your inbox into a to-do list. Since its Kickstarter campaign, however, we’ve seen a slew of email apps on the iPhone, and one in particular, Mailbox, has seen wide praise for “fixing” email on iOS.

The similarities between Mail Pilot and Mailbox are impossible to ignore. Both allow you to…

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