This Week in Fonts

A bright slab serif by Typofonderie, a massive system from Typonine, a text face with flavour and a hardworking family from Rosseta Type, a casual face by HVD Fonts, an expansive family from Lost Type Co-op, a type designer’s typeface by Emigre, a warm and rugged face from Fountain, a geometric slab serif by The Northern Block, and a humanist grotesque from Atlas.

Typofonderie: Mislab

Designed by Xavier Dupré

With Mislab, Xavier Dupré has designed a brighter and more legible slab serif than most. Mislab aptly combines the strength of a slab serif with the lightness of a sans serif.

Typonine: Audree

Designed by Nikola Djurek with Marko Hrastovec

A type system with several hundred styles. Choosing between fifteen different serif shapes, two construction models, high or low contrast, and adding stencil or inline effects results in unique, expressive variations of Audree’s letterforms.

Rosetta Type: Huronia

Designed by Ross Mills

A text face with flavour, suitable for recording oral literature and for extended reading in books and academic texts.

Rosetta Type: Eskorte

Designed by Elena Schneider

A hardworking Latin-Arabic type family with an uncomplicated, regular appearance that conveys a crisp, businesslike tone.

HVD Fonts: Mikado

Designed by Hannes von Döhren

A friendly, casual type family intended to be used where a pleasant feeling should be conveyed. Mikado has a positive “out-of-the-box-appearance” in big sizes, but because of its straight architecture the fonts are also very legible in smaller sizes and longer texts in print or on screen.

Lost Type Co-op: Mission Gothic

Designed by James T. Edmondson and Trevor Baum

A relic; a ghost from an era where letters were hand-painted on wood and glass. Made up of five weights and two styles, Mission Gothic is one of the most expansive type families available from Lost Type Co-op.

Emigre: Program

Designed by Zuzana Licko

A type designer’s typeface. It’s about the craft of typeface design and the particular details and effects that type designers fret over.

Fountain: Taca

Designed by Rúben Dias

A typeface built around a shape that Portuguese designer Rúben Dias calls a “squircle” — neither square nor circle. Taca is warm and rugged, as if it was molded from clay or carved from stone.

The Northern Block: Hapna

Designed by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya

A geometric slab serif designed as an alternative to other slab style fonts available on the market. Hapna was inspired by the baseball culture and the graphic language of the early 1950s.

Atlas: Novel Sans Office Pro

Designed by Christoph Dunst

The humanist grotesque typeface family optimized for office environments within the largely extended award winning Novel Collection.

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This Week in Fonts

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