Weirdly Realistic – Fictional ‘Alien Like’ Character Portraits by Travis Louie

Travis Louie has created these amazing Fictional 'Alien Like' Character Portraits, if you check out his website the characters have a story written underneath each image, Travis has an amazing imagination as well as an incredible talent in story telling. "To achieve the dramatic “mood” in his paintings, they are produced primarily in black and white or limited color. He uses acrylic paints over tight graphite drawings on smooth grounds, like “plate” finish illustration board or finely sanded, primed wood panels. When he is not painting, his time is spent writing in his notebooks and journals. Many little drawings and sketches are made from those writings, most of which are less than 10 centimeters square." I have included one of the stories underneath the image, to find out the other characters stories head over to Travis' website!  Above - Gordon six eyes lived in his parents basement until his six eyes became highly fashionable and his anger at the outside world had subsided to a level of extreme indifference. By the time it was safe for him to emerge from the cellar and experience the outside world, his brothers and sisters had all grown up and married. He now had many nieces and nephews, who loved their Uncle Six Eyes. They all marveled at his ability to move all six of his eyes in different directions at once. They wished they had six eyes, . . . instead of the boring, single eye they each had on their shiny, bald heads, . . .just like their parents.                                        

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